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Square Enix teases new PC, PS4 game The Quiet Man

UPDATE: Developer of the original Prey is behind the CGI live-action game.

Updated story (9:30pm) The Steam page for The Quiet Man is live, and has revealed one or two extra details - including the developer.

It's being helmed by Human Head Studios - the team responsible for the original Prey back in 2006, and its cancelled sequel (which we covered as part of a Here's a Thing episode).

As well as describing the game was delivering "an immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay", it also states The Quiet Man can be completed in a single sitting.

Original story (6:30pm): One of the few (only?) surprises during Square Enix's just-finished E3 presentation thing was The Quiet Man, a project for Steam on PC and PlayStation 4.

We were treated to a bizarre live-action teaser which morphed into some kind of CGI. More details were promised in August - so it's fair to assume Gamescom. No developer was mentioned.

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