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Square Enix declares Final Fantasy 13-3 domain registration a precaution

It doesn't sound like the game exists.

Don't panic - the Final Fantasy 13-3 domain name was secured only as a precaution, Square Enix has explained.

In fact, Square Enix Japan had no idea Square Enix US was going to snap the domain up.

That's what Square Enix PR Akio Ofuji said during the latest Square Enix Channel Radio broadcast, according to Andriasang.

The issue was brought to Ofuji's attention by Square Enix Channel Radio host Asukra Nishi, who's also a voice actress. She asked Ofuji for a job voicing Final Fantasy 13-3, you see - a project she'd heard about on the internet.

And then Ofuji told her.

Final Fantasy 13-2 exists, in part, to right the wrongs of Final Fantasy 13. That Square Enix should need a third Final Fantasy 13 game to finish the job seems unlikely.

Far better to wipe clean the slate and embark on Final Fantasy 15, we say.

Final Fantasy 13-2 is shaping up well. Fred Dutton saw the game for Eurogamer and talked to producer Yoshinori Kitase this autumn. His Final Fantasy 13-2 preview awaits.

Active battles in Final Fantasy 13-2.

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