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Splash Damage unveils new "reflex-driven" mobile game Tempo

"London is on a short fuse..."

UK developer Splash Damage (Enemy Territory, Brink) is making a new mobile game called Tempo.

"London is on a short fuse; rigged to blow by a wealthy psychopath and his private army," reads the official blurb.

"With only a handful of Special Forces Operatives on the ground, the fate of the city falls on you!"

We don't have much to go on, bar the video, below, and a line about the game "combining slick, reflex-driven gameplay with exceptional visuals and audio production".

Tempo is due out early 2015 exclusively on the iOS App Store, Splash Damage said. More information will be revealed soon.

Is an Android version in the plan? I asked Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood on Twitter.

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