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Speedrunner sets new world records for Ocarina of Time in 18.10

Another sets a Metroid Prime record at 55.53.

Zelda from Ocarina of Time stands, arms raised, with golden light above her.
Image credit: Nintendo

Dedicated speedrunner Cosmo Wright has set a new world record for blazing through Ocarina of Time in 18 minutes and ten seconds.

This is 19 seconds faster than the previous world record, set by Wright himself last week.

"This is the best speed run I have ever done," said Wright on the Twitch page of his new Ocarina run, which is as close to a perfect run as has ever been recorded. Sure, he uses a ton of glitches to skip a majority of the game - something he outlined last year when he broke the record then - but it's still impressive. (Thanks, Kotaku.)

Watch live video from CosmoWright on Twitch

Additionally, a new Metroid Prime speed run world record was made by YouTuber TRR010, with a run lasting a brief 55 minutes and 53 seconds. According to Speed Demos Archive, it previously it took over 56 minutes for anyone to complete the game. Check out TRR010's incredible Metroid Prime run below.

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