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Special edition GRID due next week

Comes complete with DLC for 25 quid.

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Codemasters is releasing a special edition version of tip-top racer GRID for the PS3.

Race Driver: GRID Reloaded will come bundled with two codes so you can download the Prestige and 8-ball content packs. These add 18 new cars, extra multiplayer modes and a new circuit to the game.

The 8-ball pack is already available. The Prestige pack will be available separately from 11th March on PSN, priced at £7.99. Or you can pick up the Reloaded special edition for £24.99 from 12th March.

An Xbox 360 version of the Reloaded edition is also in the works, but it will only include a code for the 8-ball pack. There's no word on a price or date just yet.

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