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Source: Official Kinect for Windows soon

SDK, driver support "in the coming months".

Microsoft will reveal an official Kinect software development kit (SDK) and driver support for Windows-based PCs soon, a new report has claimed.

According to WinRumours, Microsoft will unveil driver support and an SDK "in the coming months", and will allow third-party developers to create Kinect titles when the Xbox 360 add-on is plugged into a PC.

The rumour backs up comments from none other than Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. When asked about official support for Kinect use with PCs at the Consumer Electronics Show, he replied: "We'll support that in a formal way in the right time."

Microsoft is expected to bring gesture-based control to its next PC operating system, Windows 8.

Kinect for PC with Microsoft's official stamp is sure to excite PC gamers. The motion-sensing device's potential on the platform has been showcased in countless hacking videos since November. Digital Foundry's " Kinect Hacking: The Story So Far" is a great place to begin.

Eurogamer has asked Microsoft for comment.

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