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New Tchia gameplay trailer shows Soul Jump mechanic


A new gameplay trailer for Tchia was shown at The Game Awards, revealing more about its Soul Jump mechanic.

The single player, story-driven game sees a young girl, the titular Tchia, exploring the sandbox open world of a lush tropical island.

The twist is her ability to soul-jump and take control of any animal - or inanimate object - she finds to explore further.

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A PlayStation Blog from game director Phil Crifo explains further.

Tchia can enter a trance to slow time and select where to soul jump, and will then warp immediately. Her signature flower will also transfer to whatever she inhabits.

Over the course of the adventure, Tchia will be able to increase her soul meter to control things for longer and use special abilities.

While animals will have diverse capabilities, objects can be thrown while possessed in order to solve puzzles.

Tchia is due out on PC, PS4, and PS5 in Spring 2022.