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Soul Calibur: Lost Swords brings F2P fighting to PS3 tomorrow

Famed fighter goes single-player only.

Namco Bandai's single-player only free-to-play fighter, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, is coming out on PS3 tomorrow.

Our North American friends get it today.

This series spin-off will feature returning favourite characters like Sophitia and Taki, and will contain all the usual characters customisation options one expects from the franchise.

Since Lost Swords is single-player only, players will go on quests to tackle different combatants to earn items that will increase their characters' stats and appearance.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, there is a subtle online component to Lost Swords where players can upload their characters to fight alongside others as NPCs. Helping out other players gives you Friend Points, which are used for added bonuses.

Logging into Soul Calibur: Lost Swords in its first four weeks on the market will net players a set of bonus items.

Cover image for YouTube videoSoulCalibur Lost Swords - PS3 - Taki "She who seals off evil" (Trailer)