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Sony's PS Vita its most developer-friendly console


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's PS Vita, the new handheld that follows in the wake of the long-serving PSP, is the company's most developer-friendly console to date according to engineers from its research and development teams.

"We've never had tools at such an advanced state before the launch of a new platform," said Neil Brown, senior engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's R&D division said at today's Develop conference in Brighton.

"It's our most developer friendly console, and by quite some margin."

Both Brown and SCEE R&D's Kish Hirani offered a peek under the hood of the PS Vita, detailing the handheld's tech specs - which take in a Quad Core 4 Arm Cortex A9 CPU and a SGX543MP4 GPU - and combing through some of its AR abilities.

A subtitled version of a recently released video highlighting the PS Vita's facial recognition capabilities also revealed that the panther is hitting on the air stewardess but the air stewardess is married so hangs up.

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