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Sony's new PlayStation Studios branding has Avengers-style opening animation


We're yet to see exactly what the PlayStation 5 is going to look like, but here's something we'll definitely see a lot while playing it. Sony has revealed some new branding for its first-party games, and it even has a fancy animation.

The PlayStation Studios brand, which you can take a look at in the video below, will launch alongside the PS5 later this year to mark first-party games developed and managed by Sony. It's also set to be used for PlayStation 4 games, but as the brand is launching with the next-gen console, it won't be ready for games such as The Last of Us: Part 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima, which are both set to release this summer.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlayStation Studios Opening Animation

Some have joked the animation feels similar to the Marvel Studios intro, although Sony exec Eric Lempel told GamesIndustry.biz that it was inspired by the games themselves.

"We're all huge Marvel fans. One of our biggest games of all time has a Marvel character in it with Spider-Man. But this is really about doing something specific for our games and our industry.

"The cinematic you've seen is the one that has multiple games in it. But over time, as we introduce well established franchises, we can tailor that opening a bit to possibly show the franchise over the years, new characters that have come into play... There's a lot we can do that we're really excited about."

The brand intro may see different variations over time, and will include any games made under Sony's direction that are "brought up as first-party", Lempel explained. The reason for the creation of the brand, he added, was to improve consumer awareness that the games had been made by Sony. "We've done everything in terms of massive robust marketing campaigns, and this is an even better way to bring together these games, united, in an easy way for fans to understand what they're getting into."

While the comparison to Marvel has already been made, some have also noticed it bears resemblance to the Xbox Game Studios animation, shown when that branding was unveiled back in 2019. At least the PlayStation one is a little shorter.

Cover image for YouTube videoXbox Game Studios Opening Cinematic