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Sony's just released a new Lemmings game for mobile

And it's okay!

A brand new Lemmings game has just been released on mobile, and was announced on the PlayStation blog. Hang on - the PlayStation blog? Isn't that a place Sony talks about PlayStation games?


But this isn't a PlayStation game is it?


So - what?

Well, Sony owns Lemmings, you see. Original Lemmings publisher Psygnosis became a part of Sony years ago, then became Sony Liverpool, made WipEout - oh beautiful WipEout - and sadly closed in 2012. Wesley wrote a whole saga about the rise and fall of Sony Liverpool a few years ago.

The new Lemmings game is made by a team called Sad Puppy and it's free on the App Store and Google Play with micro-transactions. It's sensibly simplified for smaller screens and splashed with colour, and it plays pleasingly well - I gave it a quick blast. It's locked in portrait mode so it's geared around top-to-bottom puzzles, and in between levels you bring planets to life, for some reason.

Cover image for YouTube videoLemmings | Trailer

But Psygnosis didn't make the original Lemmings, of course - DMA Design did. The same DMA which created Grand Theft Auto. It's an incredible heritage I spoke to DMA founder Dave Jones about back in the summer, at an event called Gamelab, just outside of Barcelona. There's even a video! I'll embed it below.

Cover image for YouTube video#Gamelab2018 - Dave Jones: From Lemmings and GTA to Fortnite.