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Sony unleashes PS3 viral The Game

Quizzes! Mini-games! Social!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has begun a weird viral campaign based around The Game: a collection of web-based mini-games and quizzes that are supposed to trigger lots of blabber about PS3.

Get yourself over to The Game website, enter an email address, pick a name and choose a team - either A or B - to begin. Then plough through quizzes and mini-games (pool simulators, target games, various speed/skill tests) until you feel bold enough to challenge a friend with a compilation of your own devising.

This viral attack will last a year and aims to - oh, here we go - represent the four different aspects of the PS3 experience. You can't play on PS3, though, only check Team A's and Team B's standings.

"Like PS3, which inspired it, The Game is easy to understand, to play and to share with friends. It's giving people a taste of the world of PS3 - an ever-changing world that's open to everybody - a world shaped by players' passions and where the game is just the start," said Mark Bowles, European product manager for PS3.

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