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Sony still bossing Nintendo in Japan

Is the tide on the turn?

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Sony's PSP and PS3 are still selling better than their Nintendo-made competition in Japan.

This week (ending 15th November) the PSP (45,197) and PS3 (38,498) combined to sell 83,695 units, whereas the DS (38,785) and Wii (26,764) banded together to sell 65,549 units, according to Media Create data.

That's about as exciting as the software charts. Those are dominated by SEGA's PSP newcomer J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 6: Pride of J (84,996).

There are more new entries this week, including Dragon Ball: Raging Blast on PS3 in third (57,972), Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers on Wii in eighth (35,412) and Mega Man Network: Operation Shooting Star on DS in ninth (22,744). Need for Speed: Shift also showed up on PS3 this week, albeit down in 20th

The rest of the software chart looks like this: Pokemon (2), Tomodachi Collection (4), Wii Fit Plus (5), PES 2010 (6), Inazuma Eleven 2 (7) and Persona 3 Portable (10).

Xbox 360 and PS2 were at the bottom of the hardware pile again with 4124 and 2031 units sold, respectively.

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