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Sony shows off its AR experiments

Fluid simulation, AR characters responding to light and trading card recognition.

Sony has revealed some of its ongoing experiments in Augmented Reality. Hosted on the company's Japanese website (and translated via NeoGAF), there are two videos and a picture detailing what Sony's been brewing up.

In the first video a man holds tablets up to the camera that get converted into clear containers on screen. One is full of water - and a rubber duck - and the other is empty. Watch as he pours the virtual water from one box to the other. Sure, it's not much of a game, but just imagine it being used to make the most immersive version of Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training.

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Another video shows a roaring T-rex and dancing pop singer reacting to certain lighting conditions on a carpet. The dinosaur and blue-haired girl aren't in the meatspace, but by altering the real world you can influence how these figures react on screen.

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Finally, the site outlines its "trading card recognition" that will recognise cards at high speeds and display characters and play music in response to each card. Sadly, there's no video of this, but here's an image of how it might look.