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Sony reveals 8K VR headset prototype

Don't expect this in PSVR though.

Sony has revealed a prototype for an 8K VR headset.

The prototype promises increased visual fidelity, reduced latency and OLED microdisplays.

Don't get too excited about PSVR though: this headset is likely intended for purposes beyond gaming.

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The prototype was developed by Sony R&D (not PlayStation) and was revealed in a video as part of 'Sony Technology Day'.

Engineers Yasuko Ishihara and Kei Kimura demonstrate the improved visuals which use OLED microdisplays for each eye. Individually they offer 4K visuals; together 8K.

In the demonstration, that means seeing the fine detail of leather car seats and other textures close to reality. The use of microdisplays also means a smaller, lighter headset.

Reduced latency also means smoother and more realistic movement.

The video suggests the headset would be used for engineering purposes, medical training, and manufacturing support, as well as live entertainment.

It seems this prototype likely won't be for general consumers, at least not for a while, so don't expect this tech in PSVR. Still, it's interesting to see how far VR technology has come.

Sony showed off its new PSVR controllers back in March. Hopefully we won't have to wait long for more information.

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