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Sony refunds borked PSN games

Troubled PSone game pledge.

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Sony has said it will refund consumers who bought PSone title Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer and now MediEvil from the PlayStation Store.

In emails sent directly to customers, Sony said customers would have their purchase refunded to the PlayStation Store wallet in the next seven days, after which Spyro 2 and MediEvil would be removed from their PS Store download list.

"You will be aware from the description of the product on PlayStation Store that some variation in functionality from the original PSone version is to be anticipated," the publisher wrote.

"However there appear to be more significant technical issues."

We're still waiting to hear back about the latest on Crash Bandicoot 2, which was also pulled.

Update: Initially we told you that Spyro 2 had been refunded but within minutes we'd received another mail from Sony saying we'd get our MediEvil money back too. It's refund city and we're the mayor!

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