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Sony redesigning PSN – report

New look said to de-clutter screen.

Sony is "quietly testing" a design upgrade for the PlayStation Network, according to a new report.

Sony is now market-testing a new design that de-clutters the screen using what sources familiar with the new look call "an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists", Reg Hardware said today.

The revamped PSN also includes a new, live search method with results appearing as users enter characters rather than head off to a separate text-entry page, the report claimed.

Elsewhere, the movies section is apparently being rebuilt as an IMDB-style database.

"When you select a film, for example, key details appear on the right of the screen, such as leading actors. Clicking through will take you to the actor's page, where you can see all of their movies," the website said.

"The same exploration approach is taken with games, categorised by genre, publisher, developer and so on.

"Sony is readying a 'deals of the week' section too, making it easier to pick up bargains.

"It also appears the company is planning to throw out the blue colour of the current skin and opted for ultra bright colours on a black background."

Before the PSN hack in April, the online gaming service enjoyed 77 million registered accounts.

Last month Sony said 90 per cent of users had returned to PSN, representing around 70 million users.

Sony has told Eurogamer: "We don't comment on rumours and speculation."