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Sony patents 3D multiplayer system

Could this be the end of split-screen?

Sony has filed patents for a new stereoscopic system that would allow two gamers to enjoy 3D multiplayer without the need for split-screen.

The patents, which were spotted by Broke My Controller, were filed a year ago and published last week.

They describe a way of rendering separate images on one screen, and depict glasses which can then filter them. Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter explains: "Stereo 3D is all about generating two different images - one per eye. The glasses work by making sure that the right images are sent to the correct eyes.

"The theory here is that instead of having stereo 3D, the glasses each point to either the left or right "eye" view, which will be the view of each player in-game. So two screens are being generated, one goes to each player. Simple!"

Simple indeed? Or WITCHCRAFT?