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Sony mute on PS3 FCC filings

Won't say if it's for a new SKU.

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Sony has declined to comment on rumours that its recent FCC filing was for a new 40GB PS3.

The code number for this phantom model is listed on the official Federal Communications Commission as CECHG01. Detectives among you will realise this is not the same as the existing numbers for the 60GB (CECHA01) and 80GB (CECH01) units. How very cunning.

Hardware has to be legally checked over by the FCC before it can manufactured and sold in shops - it is a US legal requirement covering all sorts of bits and bobs that use the radio spectrum, including things like Wi-Fi.

However, the listing is far from confirmation that this is the 40GB PS3 model rumours pointed to earlier this week, which arose from a story on Sky's website that a Taiwanese company called FoxConn was making a new GBP 299 SKU.

And on closer inspection, the FCC listing unveils a subsidiary company of China-based AsusTek as the maker, the hand behind the current 80GB model.

It is a fishy conundrum, not unlike the sort of thing Sharky & George use to unravel. So speculate away.

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