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Sony launching Virtual Boy-style visor

For Japan this year, ages 15 and up.

Sony will launch a 3D-capable head mounted display in Japan this November.

The device crams two 720p OLED screens in front of gamers' eyeballs, capable of both 2D and 3D output.

Sony expects the device to sell for 60,000 yen (£480).

Notably, Sony's press release warns the device should not be used by children under 15 years old, while sudden movements could cause motion sickness.

Aesthetically it's similar to Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy, which never saw release in Europe after its less-than stellar 1995 Japanese launch. Official pictures of Sony's device are below.

Sony Worldwide Studios exec Mick Hocking previously predicted virtual reality gaming would return to popularity - powered by the company's new headset.

"So we have our new HMD - or head-mounted display - which was announced at CES earlier this year, and you can see that we can now get back to where we really wanted to get with virtual reality in the '80s.

"Being in a virtual world where I can see my virtual hands or a virtual gun with all the things we can do in the gaming world is going to be absolutely amazing," he added.