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Sony just announced Spelunky 2

"Looking to the skies..."

This is unexpected! Sony just revealed Spelunky 2 via a short teaser trailer dropped into the press briefing pre-stream at PlayStation's Paris Games Week. I'm still a bit numb, frankly.

The sequel to Derek Yu's peerless procedural platformer seems to see the hero from the first game passing the mantle onto his daughter.

There's a lovely trailer, but not a lot more in the way of details. Spelunky 2 has no release date, but it will be coming to PlayStation 4. The teaser trailer opens with logos for Mossmouth, which is Derek Yu's studio, and Blitworks, who ported the original game to PS3. I would be stunned if Spelunky 2 isn't headed to PC as well as PS4, and probably beyond.

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UPDATE: Derek Yu's just spoken. PC and PS4 'first':

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