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Sony Japan's mysterious Panopticon revealed in stylish new trailer

More information coming on the same day as Microsoft's Xbox announcement.

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Sony has offered a glimpse behind the curtain at its mysterious new game Panopticon, a cel-shaded sci-fi adventure in development at SCE's Japan Studio.

Panopticon's first trailer was revealed after a week-long countdown on the game's official site.

The footage fails to mention a launch platform or release date for the title but comes accompanied by a date - 21st May - presumably when more information will be disclosed.

That is, of course, the same day as Microsoft's next-generation console reveal.

The timing of Panopticon's reveal suggests a PlayStation 4 release is likely (although, lest we forget, Sony is still announcing PS3 games).

Sony's Japan Studio is already at work on PS4 platformer Knack and is still helping Team Ico complete its much-delayed The Last Guardian.

The footage shows a totalitarian cyberpunk setting inhabited by humans and humanoid robots. The latter are able to see that each human has been branded with a number, and a woman is shown giving birth to a child with the number 1,000,000 - they're not all hers.

Skyscraper-sized rocket-firing dragons and a futuristic version of London also feature. Watch the trailer below and see if you can figure out what's going on.

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