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Sony hints at PS3 with bigger HD


Rumours that a larger hard drive-equipped PlayStation 3 is on the way have surfaced once again following comments from Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka, reports.

Speaking to Reuters Fukuoka said, "For users who vigorously store [games and other entertainment content] in the PS3, 20GB is probably going to be to small."

He added, "Even 60GB may not be big enough eventually."

But although the PS3's hard drive may get an upgrade other fundamental components of the machine won't be altered, according to Fukuoka. "We are not likely to change its core components and functions such as the Cell, RSX, Blu-ray drive and network capability," he said.

"But outside that realm, addition and deletion is quite possible."

It's not the first time Fukuoka has suggested that Sony is considering producing a PlayStation 3 with a bigger hard drive - he made similar comments earlier this week. The rumours have also been fuelled by an FCC application filed by Sony which referred to an 80GB model.

At present Sony offers both 20GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 units in Japan, with only the 60GB model available in Europe. The company recently announced that the 20GB version is to be discontinued in North America.

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