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Sony gives PS Plus subscribers a free game every two days

Offer begins today with Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Sony is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers a free game every two days.

The offer, which starts today, allows subscribers to download one game from the PlayStation Store for free every two days. This includes eight PSN games, two minis, and two PSone Classics. The first free game is Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The 12 games have all been available in Plus over the last 18 months. Sony said they're perfect for new subscribers or those who have joined recently.

Sony advised checking the PlayStation Store to see which games are added to the offer - and said to download them before they're gone. Sonic will be available to download for free until 3rd December, when a new game will be available.

"Remember, all these are added extras to this month's content - as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011, as well as enjoying this superb offer, which is perfect for filling gaps in your collection if you're a late-comer to Plus, or even better if you've never been a subscriber before," Sony's Ross McGrath wrote on the EU PlayStation Blog>.