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PS3 sold 13m units in financial 2010

Sony to "aggressively launch" 3D this year.

PlayStation 3 sales rose to 13 million units in the company's latest financial year, ended 31st March 2010, an increase of 3m units year-on-year.

PSP sales, however, sagged from 14.1m to 9.9m. PS2 sales dropped from 7.9m to 7.3m.

Sales of PS3 games rose to 115.3m units during up from 103.7m the previous year. In comparison, PSP titles were down to 44.4m units compared to 50.3m the year before. PS2 games felt the sharpest decline, dropping to 35.7m units from 83.5m.

Sony reckons software sales will remain the same across all three formats in the year ahead. However, Sony also reckons it will "increase significantly" the amount of dosh it makes.

"Sony also plans to aggressively launch 3D-related products, network services and other new business with the aim of future growth," the company said in a statement.

In money terms, the Network Product and Services division, which includes the PlayStation business, recorded a loss of £597m, which was a bit better - ¥4.4 billion better - than last year. Sony Walkmans apparently raked in the cash.

Overall, Sony enjoyed an in-the-green income of £228.1m for the year. The company lost money in the previous year. Sales of LCD TVs were picked out as a high point.