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Sony: Budget PSP aimed at teens, kids

"It will make a great Christmas gift."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's new budget price PSP model is aimed at "teens and much younger", and it hopes parents will include one in children's stockings this Christmas.

The new-look matte model, unveiled at Gamescom last month, will sell for £89.

"You will see the audience skew younger," new SCEE chief Jim Ryan explained to MCV. "At €99/£89 it will make a great Christmas gift."

The device plays all existing PSP games but omits wi-fi and stereo sound capabilities to keep costs down.

"If we are going to take PSP very young - teens and much younger - they are happy to just play the game. If taking wi-fi out is the price to pay, we're happy to."

Despite PSP successor PlayStation Vita launching in Europe next year, Sony hopes the PSP still has legs left in it yet.

"The €89 price tag is a real barrier that we've got under which will help us lift off," Ryan concluded.

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