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Sony announces S1 and S2 tablets

One has one screen, one has two.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony is taking on Apple's iPad with its own tablets - and they run PlayStation games.

Sony has announced two new tablet devices: the S1 for "rich media entertainment" and the S2 for "mobile communication and entertainment".

The S2 is roughly the size and shape of a woman's purse. It unfolds to display two screens.

The S1 resembles an iPad, flaunting one large display.

Both are coming to the "global market" this autumn.

The S1 and S2 run on Android 3. They pack 3G and 4G Wi-Fi.

Both devices support PlayStation Suite - the digital marketplace offering old PSone games. Music service Qriocity and bookshop Reader Store are also on board. There's no specific mention of PlayStation Network.

The S2 has two 5.5 inch screens that can either work together to produce one image or work separately - one screen showing video, the other screen showing touch-screen controls. It looks like there's a camera on the outer shell.

The S1 has an enviable 9.4 inch screen and a curled edge that produces a slight incline when the tablet is laid on its back.

Both tablets have the capability to remote control Bravia tellies.

No price has been announced.

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