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Sonic to star in Smash Bros.

Game delayed in Japan.

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Nintendo has revealed that our old friend Sonic the Hedgehog is to appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the first Wii instalment in the olden days fighting series.

That's according to Japanese blog Ge-maga (via IGN), reporting on a Nintendo press conference held this week.

It was also confirmed that Sonic will be able to turn himself into Super Sonic in Smash Bros. He won't be the only videogame hero to cameo in the game, of course - Solid Snake is set to join in the fun, with actor David Hayter to reprise his role.

Also at the conference, Nintendo confirmed that previously announced plans for online play are shaping up nicely. Seems there will be a co-op mode, although it's not yet clear how this will work.

There was some bad news - Smash Bros. has been delayed and won't now arrive in Japan until 24th January. It wasn't due out in Europe until next year anyway, but here's hoping this doesn't mean we'll have to wait even longer.

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