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Someone's taken apart Lego Mario and the results are terrifying

Block buster.

In a cross between a tech breakdown and an autopsy video, someone has filmed the new Super Mario Lego unit being taken to pieces.

What inspired this kind of digital dissection, I am not sure. And while Beyond the Brick's Boone Langston claims the unit in his teardown is faulty, there's something unnerving about seeing its eyes spring to life when batteries are put in.

The Lego Super Mario unit is, unsurprisingly, well built, as most Lego is, which means there comes a point in the video where Langston needs to start snapping bits off to get inside. As a fan of Lego and Mario, it's upsetting, frankly.

But it means we get this image, showing the unit with its various casings completely off. It turns out the unit has just one large LCD panel, whose display then pokes through the various parts of its plastic shell.

And there's a happy ending, sort of. Via a mixture of screws and glue, Super Mario gets reassembled at the end of the video. Mostly.

"It's heartwarming that Lego and Nintendo have insisted that the Mario toy range should be just that - toys, for kids," Oli wrote in his appraisal of the Lego Super Mario range. "It's even inspiring that they have approached it, not as a mere branding opportunity, but as a chance to design a new kind of play that sits somewhere between the precision, tactility and creativity of Lego and the anarchic digital interactions of Super Mario games."

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