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Soldner sequel in development

Due out later this year.

German publisher JoWooD has revealed that a sequel to PC shooter Soldner is in development and due out towards the end of 2007.

Announced on Soldner's German-language website just before the New Year, Soldner 2 will enjoy a multiplayer emphasis, with development duties largely in the hands of gEasy.

A different team to the original Soldner: Secret Wars, then, but only in a manner of speaking. Although Wings Simulations (since closed) handled Soldner at first, development of post-release patches was handled first by Project Zero and then, yep, by gEasy, itself consisting of programmers from Project Zero.

For a slightly sterile account of what sounds like an enjoyably seedy back-story, try Soldner's Wikipedia entry. In short, it was horribly broken on release, and there were lots of patches, some of which didn't work out particularly well either.

JoWooD has obviously kept the faith, though, so look out for more on Soldner 2 as we close in on its Q4 2007 release.