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SOE reckons PS3 will be half its business

It will bring new players to MMOs, says boss.

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Speaking to GameDaily at last week's Consumer Electronics Show, Sony Online Entertainment chief John Smedley has said he thinks PS3 will provide almost half the company's revenue in the future.

"I think PS3 will be close to half our business," he said. "There's an audience now waiting for online games on the PS3. I believe PSN has over 15 million users today. It's growing so quickly, we see a great user-base potential there."

SOE currently operates PC MMOs like EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies. However, following its integration with Sony Computer Entertainment - the company's PlayStation arm - it will be developing all its future titles for console as well.

These start with free-to-play family MMO Free Realms this year, followed by spy-themed The Agency and supehero-licensed DC Universe Online later in 2009 or 2010.

Smedley thinks most PS3 owners aren't currently playing MMOs, and that the console will bring a new audience to SOE's games. He also drew a comparison with FPS gaming, mentioninig how it has migrated from PC to console in recent years.

"I think a lot of the people who play PS3 games right now aren't the same people playing MMOs right now. I think it's going to bring in a lot of new players," he said.

"There are certainly people who have consoles and PCs in their house. The difference is what they actively play. PS3 gamers are used to playing Resistance 2 instead of a shooter on the PC. I think we can bring this kind of gaming to this audience and I think it's going to be huge."

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