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Snake mobile developer is making a sequel

Snake Rewind due next week.

The developer behind Nokia's mobile Snake game, Taneli Armanto, is making a sequel to the arcade classic.

Dubbed Snake Rewind, this successor will arrive on 14th May on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

According to developer Rumilus Design, "Snake Rewind takes the iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original Snake game and combines them with cool visual effects, sounds and innovative new features."

As the title implies, this sequel will contain a rewind mechanic so you can continue your journey just before a crash. But there will also be other neat additions like new fruit types (Fruit Magnet, Trailblazer and Score Multiplier) and specific mission goals spread across 10 levels. Naturally, there will be online leaderboards.

The original Nokia Snake game premiered in 1997 and has been featured on more than 400M Nokia phones.

Here's how Snake Rewind looks in action:

Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!Watch on YouTube