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Sky Player becomes Sky Go tomorrow

What it means for Xbox 360 gamers.

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Tomorrow, 6th July, Sky will do away with its Sky Player and replace it with a new initiative called Sky Go.

This means Sky Player, currently available on the Xbox 360, will be no more.

In its place, Sky Go will offer Sky television through the Xbox 360. There will be a fancy new tile on the Xbox 360 dashboard and everything.

Microsoft confirmed to Eurogamer that users will see "very little change" when the switch is made, but did offer a number of points of clarification:

  • Xbox 360 users have always needed to be Sky subscribers to use Sky Player on Xbox 360. This will not change on July 6th.
  • Depending on your subscription plan, you can subscribe to Sky without the need for a dish. This will not change on July 6th.
  • An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to watch Sky Player on Xbox 360. This will not change on July 6th.
  • Users will need to accept a new set of terms and conditions but otherwise there are no changes to the Sky TV experience on Xbox 360.
  • Pricing and subscription plans are subject to Sky terms and conditions and therefore you would need to contact Sky for any changes to these plans, including pricing.

With Sky Go you'll be able to register up to two devices and watch on both at the same time. Sky TV customers will be able to use their Xbox 360 to watch TV from Sky, in line with their subscription, as part of the two devices they can register.

Sky told Eurogamer the cost for those who are not Sky TV subscribers will range from £15 to £40 dependent on what content package is required.

Expect an outage in the early hours of tomorrow morning as Sky pulls levers and flicks switches.

In September last year Microsoft announced more than a million people had downloaded the Sky Player client on Xbox 360 since its 2009 launch.

It works with motion-sensing add-on Kinect, too.

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