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Sky charging £5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

And customers aren't happy.

Sky is changing streaming app Sky Go on console - and making it more expensive in the process.

In order to use the Sky Go app, currently available on Xbox 360 and due out on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 later this year, you'll need a Sky Go Extra subscription. This costs £5 a month.

The change kicks in on 29th July, from when new customers will need a Sky Go Extra subscription. Sky told Eurogamer that in time existing customers will require Sky Go Extra to watch on their Xbox 360, although it said it will be making various introductory offers, one of which starts at £2.50 a month then goes up to £5, available.

Sky is currently writing to affected customers to update them.

Sky Go Extra gets you access to the streaming service on four devices and gives you the option to watch offline. If you're a Multiscreen (formerly Multiroom) customer this is included as part of your subscription.

A Sky spokesperson told Eurogamer:

"Sky Go and Sky Go Extra mean our customers can watch their favourite Sky content on a broad range of devices, wherever they are. We will be making some changes to the way in which console users access Sky Go, and we will be writing to any customers who this affects over the coming weeks to update them."

Sky Go users have already expressed their anger at the decision.

CraigUKGamer, who was sent a letter about the switch by Sky, said he was annoyed and disgruntled by the move.

"I think it is absolutely disgusting that as an Xbox owner I feel I am being penalised for having this app and using it," he wrote on the Sky forum.

"This also isn't the case if I wish to watch Sky Go on a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer... so why not the Xbox???? Anything to do with Microsoft changing their policy where you don't need Xbox Live Gold to access the various TV related apps???

"Behaviour like this, them changing how they do things, at the cost of the customer could easily lead me to cancelling my Sky account entirely in the future."

Sky said it had invested in Sky Go to add over 20 new channels, including ITV Encore and MTV, and it now totalled over 60 channels.

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