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Skulls of the Shogun follow-up is an open-world space shooter

Galak-Z is headed to PS4 in 2014.

Did you blink? Did you miss it? Wedged in the middle of last night's Sony conference was a glimpse of the new game from 17-Bit, the creators of Skulls of the Shogun.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional is a "side-scrolling open-world space shooter" apparently, and it's coming to PS4 in 2014. Looks suggest it's a twin-stick shooter in which you dodge enemy fire, blast asteroids to pieces and unleash hordes of those dinky homing rockets that come with the lovely spiralling contrails. 17-Bit has a selection of screenshots and .GIFs over on the game's site, and it's wonderfully colourful stuff. I particularly dig that neon mint green.

The homing rockets appear to use a variant on the paint-and-release aiming mechanic used by Rez. This shouldn't be too surprising seeing as 17-Bit founder Jake Kazdal worked on Mizuguchi's classic when he was based in Japan.

Galak-Z uses Cyntient AI to provide challenging enemies, apparently.

Can't wait to hear more about this one, but if you're interested in 17-Bit's output to date, Skulls of the Shogun is magnificent.