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Silent Hill dev refutes Alan Wake likeness

Downpour will have "way more variety".

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The producer of Silent Hill: Downpour has dismissed claims that the forthcoming sequel looks remarkably similar to recent Xbox 360 survival horror Alan Wake.

A number of observers were quick to point out a clear likeness between the two games when a new set of screenshots for the impending Silent Hill sequel were revealed last week.

Developer Vatra Games' Devin Shatsky insists that's just not the case though.

"I think it's a bit odd for anyone who hasn't even seen the game to be drawing comparisons to any other games. They can only judge from the screenshots they've seen, so I don't blame them," he told HellsDescent.

"If they think we are looking 'Alan Wake-ish' just because we have a forest area in part of the game, then so be it. But it could easily be said that Alan Wake ripped off SH in a number of ways with the look and feel of their entire game.

"Granted, all games evolve from each other in some capacity, so I think its narrow minded to think like that."

He then went on to insist that Downpour would offer a much greater mix of backdrops than Alan Wake did.

"I would like to point out we have WAY more variety of environments in Downpour than Alan Wake does, so I feel very comfortable that the comparisons will end at these forest shots.

"There are a multitude of other environments in Downpour that people will be hard-pressed to compare to ANY other games, we have a very unique variety of landscapes and interiors, and I think the fans will be very pleased with the job Vatra is doing on our environments.

"The forest is just a drop in the bucket (pun intended) of where we take the player in this game."

You can find out for yourself when Konami's long-running Silent Hill franchise returns on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this Autumn.

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