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Sidhe working with Wachowskis

On Speed Racer movie tie-in.

The interactive arm of Warner Bros. has announced plans to publish a game based on upcoming film Speed Racer.

Gripshift developer Sidhe Interactive will be making it for Wii and PS2, with an as-yet unnamed team creating it on DS. The two Nintendo games are expected alongside the film next summer, with the PS2 version following when the DVD eventually hits shelves.

The film is being made by Matrix masterminds the Wachowski brothers, who will be lending their action panache to the games' development.

It's all based around an old 1960s Japanese animated series that follows a chap called Speed Racer as he tries to win a cross-country rally called The Crucible - the same one that claimed the life of his older brother. Sob.

Emile Hirsch is starring in the big-screen version, alongside Susan Sarandon, John Goodman and Christina Ricci. And we're told to expect lots of fancy visuals as futuristic cars hit unheard-of speeds - they're even calling the new style "car-fu". Silly old them.

"Speed Racer is an exceptionally creative property and teamed with the Wachowski brothers' vision it makes for action-packed racing gameplay," said Samantha Ryan, big cheese at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

"The game will capture the intensity of the racing in the film to give gamers and movie fans a chance to take the wheel after the experience of the film."