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Shove Pro's mockumentary teaser is absolutely hilarious

Puts you in the shoes of a stuntman pushing extras.

Lars Speedwagon's Shove Pro by indie studio Rad Dragon may be a simple iOS game about shoving people, but that hasn't stopped it from having one of the funniest game trailers I've seen in a good while.

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The mostly live-action mockumentary follows the career of master stuntman Lars Speedwagon who perfected the chase scene by shoving extras. "Before Lars chase scenes were simply a man in a hat chasing another man in a straight line for hours," said professor of film history, Aloysius Beauregarde, played by Uncharted lead designer Richard Lemarchand.

Speedwagon, however, transformed the chase scene into a "dialectical poetic expression." You don't have to have studied film to find such pompous claims hilarious, but it probably helps.

As for the game itself, it looks a bit rough with the trailer recycling several character models in its brief flashes of gameplay, but hopefully the final game will have more interesting scenarios to rudely interrupt.

Shove Pro is due out on iOS in November.

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