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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One gets first "major bonus story" DLC Beyond a Joke

Out now on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

If you've been enjoying your time sleuthing around the sunny, Mediterranean-inspired climes of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you might be interested to know that developer Frogwares has just released a brand-new case to crack in the form of its Beyond a Joke DLC.

Beyond a Joke, which is out now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5, serves up a new quest - the first of "three major bonus story content additions", as Frogwares puts it - in which young Sherlock Holmes and his chiselled jawline go on the hunt for an "unstoppable" thief targeting the island of Cordona's ultra-rich "with brazen gusto and open mockery".

Beyond a Joke is a paid addition to Chapter One, costing £4.49/4.99 USD (it's also included in the £19.99 Season Pass), offering up around an hour or so of additional story content, according to Frogwares. Once purchased, the new case can be initiated by eavesdropping in Grand Saray after completing the base game's second main quest, A Gilded Cage.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Accolades Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Additionally, Beyond a Joke purchasers will receive two new bits of costumery for Sherlock to slip into while he's out on the town: the Newcomer Outfit and the Widow's Outfit.

Frogwares notes its two remaining story DLC additions - Mycroft's Pride and M for Mystery, which round out the Season Pass alongside the previously released Saints and Sinners DLC - will arrive in "early" 2022. It's also working to deliver more free DLC in the "near future".

As for the still missing-in-action PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, Frogwares recently delayed them for a second time to ensure "the release is of a proper quality and well-optimised", saying it now expects them to arrive in "Q1 2022".