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Shank issues "not the 360's fault"

Klei Entertainment clarifies earlier statement.

Klei Entertainment has updated its statement on problems with the Xbox 360 version of side-scrolling shooter Shank.

"It appears that some Xbox 360s are having slower disc access rates due to fragmentation, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer," the message on the company's website now reads.

Earlier, the statement had observed that "older Xbox 360's have slower disc access rates". Jamie Cheng, the man who wrote the post, has now changed it and added, "I want to be clear: this is definitely not the 360’s "fault".

"It’s our own issue, and it took us by surprise because it didn’t come up during certification."

Cheng's statement on the second problem remains unedited: "If you unlock the Trial on the 360, there’s a chance that the first two achievements are not unlocked. We’ve already got a fix for this, so when it comes in, you’ll automatically get your achievements."

In the meantime, Cheng suggests you try clearing the system cache as per the instructions on

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