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Shadow Warrior 3 looks like ninja Doom

Flying stars.

Publisher Devolver has shown off gameplay for Shadow Warrior 3 during its digital showcase.

Polish studio Flying Wild Hog's latest looks to me like ninja Doom, with a grappling hook and plenty of demon blood all over the shop. It looks like fun!

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Here's the official blurb:

"Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again. All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon's egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to hold off the impending cataclysm."

In the game you've got a katana to slice up the demons, air dashes, wall running, double jumps, and the aforementioned new grappling hook to get around. You've also got up close finishing moves "to claim a piece of your conquered foe and unleash its powers back on the horde in a burst of unstoppable fury and powerful magic", and combat arenas with hazardous structures and devices that can be activated (we see one of these in action in the gameplay video). It's all set in a neo feudal Japan "infused with the magic and technology of ancient samurai, now overrun by the demonic yokai from Japanese folklore".

Shadow Warrior 3 is due out on PC at some point in 2021.

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