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Sex scenes almost cut from GOWIII

Director wasn't keen, but relented.

God of War III director Stig Asmussen has told UGO that he wanted to leave the now-traditional sex scene out of the action sequel.

"It was... a debate between me and several of the story writers. I was like, 'I'd rather not have it in there at all,'" Asmussen said of the sex mini-game which has featured in every game in the God of War series to date. In the scenes, hero Kratos engages in suggestive tussles with topless ladies while the player presses buttons rhythmically.

Asked what the point of the scenes was, Asmussen said, "You asked a very fine question, and I felt sort of the same way. What is the point? If we do it, it has to have a point." He explained that, in the first game, it had been an "important tool" in establishing Kratos' character as a "man's man". But he subsequently felt that "it became one of these things where we’re damned if we do, and we're damned if we don't".

Eventually, Asmussen decided that the sex could stay if he gave the scene a purpose in the game's story. "It's not just you going in there, finding some corner and having sex with somebody. It's something that guides you through the story," he said. "You get information and more than just a fluff moment."

Asked if he was worried about alienating female gamers with the macho love-making, Asmussen commented, "Women like sex too."

God of War III will be released for PS3 on 19th March. Look out for our review soon.

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