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Semblance is a "playdough platformer" about squishing yourself and deforming the world

UPDATE: Out on PC and Switch later this month.

UPDATE 4/7/18: Developer Nyamakop has unveiled a release date for Semblance, its lovely-looking "playdough platformer". The game is now scheduled to launch on Switch, PC, and Mac on July 24th.

Semblance's side-scrolling platform action is build around the ability to deform parts of the environment, raising, lowering, and reshaping land in order to navigate the obstacles in your path. There's a further taste of how that works in the new release date trailer below.

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ORIGINAL STORY 7/3/2018: Developer Nyamakop has announced that its wonderful-looking "playdough platformer" Semblance will be heading to Switch and PC later this year.

Semblance is the first game from South African developer Nyamakop and - in case it looks familiar - has actually made a few public appearances since its reveal in 2016. It hasn't lost any of its power to delight in that time though, and its distinctive take on puzzle platforming looks as appealing as ever in its brand-new Switch release announcement trailer.

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As you'll now know (if you watched the video instead of eye-hopping straight down here), Semblance's puzzle-style challenges are built around your ability to physically reshape both its malleable protagonist and the world itself. "Semblance takes the idea of a 'platform' in a platformer and turns it on its head," says Nyamakop, "What if platforms were actually part of the gameplay, part of the way you solved problems? "

One puzzle might demand that you slam your head against the ceiling in order to squish down flat enough to squeeze through a hole, while others require you to bend platforms upward to reach higher ledges, or smoosh the environment to block a laser beam. You can see a few more examples in the second gameplay teaser below.

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Nyamakop says that Semblance will feature three worlds to explore, each featuring a non-linear series of puzzles, so that you're never blocked from progression. There's also a dynamically layered score "with a hint of African aural distinction".

Semblance certainly looks a bit special - hopefully it makes its way to PC and Switch soon.