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Sega's just announced a new arcade racing game, and it looks amazing

Suzukaaaaa, let's go away.

Sega of Japan has just pulled the wraps off an all-new arcade racing game, and it looks every bit as good as the classics of the company's 90s heyday.

Sega World Drivers Championship is an Unreal Engine 4 powered driving game that's getting location tests in Japan towards the end of the month. It carries the Super GT licence - Super GT being Japan's GT racing series which features Nissan, Honda and Toyota duking it out with gloriously mutated versions of their popular road-going cars. There's even a fully weaponised Prius that may well give you feelings towards the model you didn't previously think possible.

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Sega has never stopped making arcade racing games, of course, with the Initial D series having some success in Japan, but this new title seems more evocative of its 90s heyday. Let's put aside the fact it has some resemblance to 1996's fairly mediocre Sega Touring Car Championship, though, and just embrace a handsome looking racer that, sadly, may never make it to these shores. Still, there's always hope - let the begging begin!