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Sega trademarks Sonic Frontiers

May be final name for Sonic Team's 2022 game.

Sega has secured a trademark for a video game called Sonic Frontiers.

Gematsu reports Sega filed the Sonic Frontiers trademark in Japan on 22nd October.

It is thought Sonic Frontiers is the final name for the upcoming Sonic Team game set for release at some point next year.

Back in May, Sega revealed this new Sonic game without naming it. The brisk accompanying trailer didn't show anything beyond the hedgehog running through a forest, and a mysterious symbol:

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Sega's initial press release mentioned Sonic Rangers, but this was subsequently pulled.

The thinking at the time was that the word "rangers" might have indicated a more open play area than we're used to from previous Sonic games.

The Sonic Frontiers trademark shines a light on a 4chan post from last month that mentioned the 2022 Sonic Team game name had changed to Sonic Frontiers, and described it as an "open-world game with similar style to Breath of the Wild".

Sega has yet to comment.