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Sega prepping Daytona USA re-release?

Sega exhausting back catalogue.

Sega looks poised to re-release classic racing game Daytona USA for multiple platforms.

A new listing for Daytona USA has turned up on the Australian Classifications Board website (spotted by Gamespot). It's rated G for all ages.

Arcade racer Daytona USA made its console debut on Sega Saturn. A Dreamcast remake, Daytona USA 2001, followed, adding online play.

Sega has recently dusted off other titles from the Dreamcast's back catalogue for PSN and XBLA, including Space Channel 5, Sega Bass Fishing, Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally and multiple Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Sega refused to comment on the listing when questioned by Eurogamer.

Sega Rally Online Arcade.

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