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SEGA partners with Gas Powered Games

On new PC RPG.

SEGA has announced another high profile development partnership, this time revealing it's working on an original PC role-playing game with Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games.

The publisher is already in cahoots with Obsidian (Alien franchise), Petroglyph Studios (Universe at War: Earth Assault - now also on its way to Xbox 360), and already owns The Creative Assembly (Total War) and Sports Interactive (Football Manager).

"New IP is king," GPG boss Chris Taylor told our sister site in a recent interview. "It's really what our customers want more than anything. They love familiarity, but what they'd probably love is the familiar with a really strong twist. And that's so challenging."

The developer is thought to be working on extensions to its Supreme Commander strategy game, as well as a next-generation console title in addition to the SEGA collaboration. Taylor said this week that the SEGA title would be built upon the developer's principles of "exciting and visually stunning new worlds coupled with revolutionary gameplay experiences".

SEGA of America president and COO Simon Jeffery said the deal "aligns perfectly with our strategy".

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