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Sega Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast-themed netbooks!

But not for you.

Sega's teamed up with a Japanese PC maker to release a series of retro-Sega-console-themed netbooks.

Well it's one netbook really with a choice of top covers. And it's those top covers that are designed to look like either the top of a Mega Drive, a Saturn or a Dreamcast. There's a generic blue cover too.

The netbook is available in one of four different specification set-ups. Prices range from (converted from yen) around £700 to £1300, according to Retro Collect (via NeoGAF).

No emulated games are pre-installed, but it looks as though Sega Windows themes and Sega music are bundled in.

There are no plans to release these netbooks outside of Japan.

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