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Sega is aiming to create a "Super Game" by March 2026

A "revolutionary" game with the streaming community in mind.

Super Sonic floats in the sky in Sonic Frontiers
Image credit: Sega

Sega is aiming to create a "Super Game" by the fiscal year ending March 2026.

That's according to the company's latest report, which lays out its medium-term plan.

It's not clear exactly what this "Super Game" could be, but Sega has high hopes for its existing and past IPs, including Sonic.

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Frontiers - Combat & Upgrades
Sonic Frontiers - Combat & Upgrades

The report includes a message from Sega CEO Haruki Satomi in which he discusses the strategy behind this "Super Game" and the aim to attract streamers.

"One strategy for generating such hit titles is the creation of a 'Super Game' - a large-scale global title. We're currently developing such a game, targeting release by the fiscal year ending March 2026," he said.

"The ultimate goal in the 'Super Game' strategy is to create a game so revolutionary that it attracts far more active users than any of the Group's games to date. One key to achieving this goal is whether we can draw together a large community, involving not only players but also streamers who stream the game and viewers who watch their videos.

"That kind of community expands and further develops game content, adding value to the game that is unimagined by developers, and sparking a broader movement - which can then draw in even more users and grow the game's presence dramatically."

The report also states Sega aims to release a new free-to-play game "while continuing to work on strengthening the operation of existing titles", though it's unclear if this is related to the "Super Game" in any way.

Further, the company recognises the importance of its past games. "To capitalise effectively on our abundant IP assets, including dormant IPs, we will further develop these IPs by means of remakes, remastering, and reboots, etc., as well as offering them to subscription-based services and other forms of monetization across multiple channels," reads the report.

The company's "rich lineup" includes past franchises like Shinobi, Out Run, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and After Burner.

Elsewhere much praise is given to the growth of the Sonic franchise, which is somewhat attributed to the success of the recent films.

The company also recognises the success of Atlus and its RPGs, highlighting the recent release of Persona 5 Royal across multiple platforms.

Sonic Frontiers, the company's next blockbuster, launches on 8th November across all consoles and PC.