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See the cancelled Superman game from the studio behind Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Steel yourself.

Factor 5 is best remembered for its excellent Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series for N64 and GameCube.

But it was also once working on a Superman game which would marry the studio's expertise in aerial controls with the DC universe and the Man of Steel's many comic book foes.

Code-named Blue Steel, the never-released Superman game has now been shown off in the latest Unseen 64 video.

Blue Steel was set to launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii before the closure of publisher Brash Entertainment put the project into a tailspin. Unable to find another publisher to work with, Factor 5 ultimately shut down.

One of Blue Steel's most eye-catching features would have been the ability to pick up enemies and smash them through the floors of skyscrapers to cause them damage.

The project began as a tie-in for Bryan Singer's Superman Returns movie sequel - which also never saw release - and showcase villains from the film such as Darkseid and Brainiac.

But Factor 5 also had the freedom to include characters from the wider DC canon which it thought could be interesting baddies.

Blue Steel was forced to change direction when Warner Bros. canned the Superman Returns movie sequel (it would later reboot the Superman movie series with Man of Steel years later). Suddenly, Factor 5 was free to make a game without the need to stick to the movie's plans.

But time was running out for the game - which was still too early in production to show publicly. When it lost Brash Entertainment as publisher, Factor 5's management gambled on keeping the project going with its own cash in the hopes of finding another partner elsewhere.

Alas, this was not to be the case - and Factor 5 was forced to let go the majority of its staff just before Christmas 2008. The studio shut its doors completely soon after.

See surviving footage of the game in Unseen 64's video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoSuperman's Cancelled Open World Game - Unseen64